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Snackin' & Travelin' - A Family Adventure Unveiled on YouTube

I'm stoked to share with you an exciting venture my family and I have embarked upon— the launch of our very own YouTube channel, "Snackin' & Travelin'." This project is a culmination of our shared passions for exploration, culinary delights, and, of course, snacks!

Before diving into our latest family endeavor, let me take a moment to provide a snapshot of my professional journey in content creation. From my role as a Marketing Specialist \ at Fresh Baked to my experience as the Creative Director at Fresh Mints in the NFT and Metaverse space, my career has been a dynamic blend of creativity, strategy, and content curation.

As a Content Creator and Animator at Allen Company, I honed my skills in executing visual strategies for social media content, producing captivating videos for various platforms, and creating animated graphics packages. This experience paved the way for my role as a Content Editor at LFP Broadcasting, where I delved into streaming and VOD content, applying SOPs and best practices for optimal content creation.

My journey continued with pivotal roles such as Digital Video Manager for the World Series Of Poker and Motion Graphics Designer at Caesars Interactive Entertainment Inc. These positions allowed me to manage the production of online video content, leverage video for community engagement, and design animated, eye-catching content across multiple platforms.

Now, onto our latest family adventure — "Snackin' & Travelin'." In this channel, we aim to bring you travel and snack insights from around the world and our beautiful home base in Colorado. We're on a mission to share our experiences, reviews, and takes on street food, snacks, and the fantastic meals we encounter on our journeys.

Meet the crew:

Erynn: The sassy matriarch with a love for New Orleans.

Collie: Master coordinator of adventure & fire snacks, with a soft spot for Paris.

Adi: The intrepid older sister, always down for an adventure, especially if there are snacks involved. Paris holds a special place in her heart too.

Lola: Spunky, funky, and known to share snacks with monkeys. Her favorite destination? Mexico.

To join us on this exciting journey, we invite you to subscribe to our YouTube channel: Snackin' & Travelin'.

We will continue to bring you a delightful blend of travel escapades and tasty discoveries!

As we navigate the vast landscape of content creation, we're also embracing the power of YouTube Shorts. These short-form videos allow us to deliver quick, engaging snippets of our adventures and snack discoveries. Stay tuned for these bite-sized moments that capture the essence of our travels.

We're thrilled to have you join us on "Snackin' & Travelin'"—where every adventure is a snack-worthy experience! Your support means the world to us, and we can't wait to share our family's passions with the global community.

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