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The IDC Bears' Origin

Ever wondered about Collie Pixels' inspiration behind the IDC Bears?

Here is the origin story.

The IDC Bears (I Don't Care Bears) are ambivalent & swaggy beasts.

Nothing bothers the IDC Bear. Not in an apathetic way, but in an ambivalent, spirit of c'est la vie way.

Trouble just rolls off their back.

Haters gonna hate.

IDC Bear don’t care.

Once upon a time, in the vibrant bear habitat and colorful state of Colorado, there lived an imaginative artist and creator named Collie Pixels.

Collie was not an ordinary artist; he was a warrior who had faced the fierce battle with Crohn's Disease, a relentless foe that threatened to take him down his whole life. In 2020 and 2021 the battle got really rough and almost took the artist and Coloradan out for good. He prevailed in a legendary triumph and is thriving.

The struggle with his health became a catalyst for an extraordinary transformation. As Collie emerged from the shadows of surgeries and illness, he found himself armed with a newfound perspective on life. The IDC Bears, short for 'I Don't Care Bears,' were conceived during Collie's recovery, reflecting the resilience and nonchalant attitude he adopted towards life's adversities.

The IDC Bears became Collie's artistic manifestation of stoicism and resilience. Each bear in the series embodied an ambivalence that was not born out of apathy but rather from a profound sense of 'c'est la vie'—an acceptance of life's unpredictability. These bears were no ordinary creatures; they were swaggy beasts, confidently strutting through the canvas of Collie's imagination.

The inspiration for the IDC Bears was drawn from Collie's own journey, where he faced the brink of life and found solace in his art. The bears were a visual representation of the stoic principles Collie embraced during his darkest days. Trouble, in all its forms, just rolled off the backs of these creatures. Haters? The IDC Bears simply didn't care.

With a spirit that echoed, "I Don't Care," these animated beings became symbols of strength, courage, and a carefree attitude that defied the struggles of life. Collie Pixels had not only survived his ordeal but had emerged as a creator of something truly extraordinary.

As the IDC Bears strutted through the art scene, they carried with them the essence of Collie's journey—from the brink of despair to the celebration of life. The bears became a source of inspiration for many, a reminder that even in the face of adversity, one could adopt a swaggy attitude and declare, "IDC Bear don't care."

The I Don’t Care Bears have been shown all over the world and the Front Range of Colorado, notably at the 2022 High Ground Festival. Collie is an OG street artist and continues to share his art on streets from Paris to Las Vegas to Mexico and all over.

And so, the IDC Bears continue to dance through Collie's creations, embodying the spirit of resilience that arose from the depths of his struggle with Crohn's Disease. The art series became a testament to the transformative power of creativity and the ability to find beauty in life's uncomfortable circumstances.

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