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Lowe's, Yes Lowe's is Selling mfers NFT Garden Flags

Lowe's, the renowned home improvement giant, has recently released an exciting new product that allows you to proudly display your "degen" status to your neighbors. This physical garden flag features characters from mfers, a popular non-fungible token (NFT) project available under a Creative Commons CC0 license. Thanks to this open license, Stephen Thompson and his brother-in-law Matthew Varnell, the creative minds behind Total Marketing Web3 (TM3), were able to utilize the mfers NFT characters to create garden flags of all things.

Thompson, a lawyer by profession, described this project as the ultimate opportunity for fun and self-expression. TM3 serves as an umbrella company for various ventures that combine NFT lore with real-world products. Their inaugural creation, the "Evergreen Siezenals" garden flag, measures 1 foot wide by 1.5 feet high and showcases two NFT characters leisurely sipping tropical drinks on a beach. Above the image, the phrase "cc0 summer 2023" is prominently displayed. Each garden flag, referred to as "seizen #1/edition #1," is priced at $39.98 and comes with a unique online redeemable replica NFT.

The decision to use the mfers project's imagery to create this light-hearted and whimsical product aligns perfectly with the collection's meme-inspired origin story. Mfers, created in 2021 by the pseudonymous artist Sartoshi, features low-fidelity, hand-drawn characters inspired by the famous "Are ya winning, son?" meme. Despite its lack of utility or a roadmap, the project has managed to amass a devoted following. In June 2022, Sartoshi transferred ownership of the project's smart contract to the community, which further fueled its popularity. Today, these NFTs often fetch prices exceeding $1,000, far surpassing their original mint price of 0.069 ETH (approximately $320). The project's sales on OpenSea have amounted to over 66,510 ETH, nearly $125 million.

Motivated by the mfers' meteoric rise, Thompson and Varnell transformed their grassroots idea into a reality with a touch of luck and by leveraging their existing connections. Varnell, who works as a manufacturer's representative, facilitated the production of the flags through Evergreen, a manufacturer that already had a relationship with Lowe's.

Thompson highlighted the Web2 industry's curiosity and eagerness to tap into the growing influence of Web3. Selling a product at a major retailer like Lowe's that acknowledges the Web3 movement helps establish brand loyalty among younger consumers who seek to bring their digital identities into the physical world.

The reception to the "Evergreen Siezenals" garden flag has been overwhelmingly positive, evident in the unanimous five-star reviews on Lowe's website. Users have praised its unique design, with one stating that it stands in a league of its own, while another expressed how it completed and restored the majesty of their garden.

Looking ahead, TM3 aims to expand its offerings by collaborating with other CC0 NFT projects and introducing a variety of seasonal goods. Thompson envisions this project as a catalyst for redefining the traditional supply chain, where manufacturers and retailers exclusively shoulder the burden of marketing. With Web3, consumers become active marketers, establishing a more symbiotic relationship among manufacturers, retailers, and consumers. Thompson concludes by emphasizing that this project serves as a remarkable example of innovative marketing and goodwill, something larger retail brands are diligently working to achieve.

If this venture proves successful, it will become a reference point for the transformative potential of NFTs in traditional marketing strategies. Thompson and Varnell are thrilled to offer this marketing exposure and goodwill to retailers for free, knowing that it will generate lasting impact and contribute to the building of their brands. Now you can seize the opportunity to showcase your degen style and get your mfers garden flag from unlikely web3 purveyor of garden goods, Lowe's.


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