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Working in the Cannabis industry

Updated: May 26, 2023

Cannabis NFTs
Growing for meds, not a paycheck.

The cannabis industry has become a dream come true for many as marijuana legalization spreads. It won't be long before it becomes the top job creator, offering a range of career opportunities, from trimming buds to working as a budtender. Working in the cannabis field is a significant accomplishment, and now is the time to get into the game.

One of the benefits of working at a marijuana dispensary is the quality employee benefits. As a newly legal market, the cannabis industry is quickly following established retail market trends, including offering employee benefits. A sustainable marijuana company starts with its employees' quality and ends with their ability to retain those quality employees.

A licensed marijuana dispensary is the final point of sale and the face of the industry, making all legal cannabis sales possible. Dispensaries offer various career paths, such as Front Desk Receptionist, Budtender, Sales Floor Leads, Inventory Specialist, Inventory Manager, Assistant Manager, General Manager, and Regional Manager. While each position requires unique skills and knowledge, working in a marijuana dispensary is a team effort to ensure compliance and provide high-end customer service.

Budtenders, as the final point of sale, can make or break a consumer's perception of legal marijuana. Thus, it is their responsibility to educate and guide consumers to quality products. Without retaining quality budtenders, the final point of sale could cause significant consumer and industry backlash. Despite the intense work, there are benefits of working in a marijuana dispensary.

Cannabis NFTs
Cannabis NFTs

The benefits of working at a dispensary tend to be somewhat reliable, even though not every dispensary offers quality benefits. It is standard for dispensaries to offer some employee benefits, such as health and life insurance plans, 401K, paid vacation, sick and family leave, child care, and maternity leave. Smaller dispensaries can provide unique benefits like bonuses to those who excel in their position, free grams of concentrates to top salespeople, or lunches for top performers.

Dispensaries also offer employee discounts, increasing employee appreciation and improving their knowledge and passion for in-house marijuana brands. Additional perks may include paying for an employee's medical marijuana card, providing top-notch employee training and cannabis education courses, and reimbursing for the MED Badge (in Colorado). With the cannabis industry's retention problem, offering more benefits can increase employee engagement and retention.


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