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Holy WHOAH! AI Didn't Kill Crypto, Gary Ginsler Did!

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Wow. The shit has hit the proverbial fan in the crypto world. If you have money, crypto, anything on Binance.US, I am very sorry. :( It sounds like US banks are not doing business with Binance anymore. My suggestion would be convert your assets to USDT, transfer that out of your Binance account into your warm or cold wallet storage, like Meta Mask. Then, I would move it into Coinbase.com if you are trying to cash out and hang out on the sideline until the dust settles. Be careful with Coinbase.com too though. Brian Armstrong & the crypto platform seem to have a target with a big ol' bullseye on them & are in the crosshairs of the crypto reviling Gary Gensler. His actions against the industry are causing insane volatility, making mass amounts of liquidity drain into holders bank accounts.

If you have been under a rock, and at this point I wouldn't blame you if you were, here is quick

recap of some gnarly stories about what crypto has been through in the past week...

It is not all bad news. Bitcoin & Ethereum are bouncing back & the lawsuits are just getting more complicated.

I'm still very into crypto, blockchain tech & NFTs. I always will be. Although right now I am not making any money in the nascent tech.

*Please know this is sarcasm, while being overly dramatic is my status quo mostly, I am only kidding. Crypto & Bitcoin is here to stay.


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