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When I Become a Meme-coin Millionaire, I Will Get My R34

Updated: May 26, 2023

The world of JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) cars has always been an alluring and exciting space for car enthusiasts like myself. One particular series of cars that has garnered a cult following and is highly sought after are the Nissan Skyline models, specifically the R32, R33, and R34.

The R32 Skyline, produced from 1989 to 1994, was the first of the Skyline series to be officially imported to the United States. The R32 is known for its technological advancements such as the all-wheel-drive system, and its powerful turbocharged engine. The R32 was also in a head to head battle with the Toyota Trueno in the iconic Japanese anime series, Initial D, which followed the story of a high school student and tofu delivery driver who drives the Trueno that beat the R32 in a Togue mountain street race.

The R33 Skyline, produced from 1995 to 1998, had a lot to live up to as the successor to the highly successful R32. Although it was larger and heavier, it still retained the all-wheel-drive system and powerful engine of its predecessor. The R33 is often overlooked compared to the R32 and R34 but is still highly coveted by JDM car enthusiasts.

The R34 Skyline, produced from 1999 to 2002, is arguably the most iconic and sought after of the Skyline series. Its aggressive and futuristic styling, along with its all-wheel-drive system and powerful turbocharged engine, make it a highly desirable car. The R34 Skyline also gained popularity due to its appearance in the Fast and Furious franchise, where it was driven by the character Brian O’Conner.

I have always been drawn to the Skyline series, specifically the R34. My current bucket list car is an R34 spec'd for Togue drift racing, a popular form of racing in Japan that involves drifting down a winding mountain road. The R34’s all-wheel-drive system and powerful engine make it a perfect candidate for this type of racing.

Although the R32, R33, and R34 are all part of the same Skyline series, they each have their own unique characteristics and design elements. The R32 is often seen as the grandfather of the Skyline series, while the R33 is sometimes overlooked due to its size and weight. The R34, on the other hand, is the most iconic and sought after of the series, with its futuristic styling and powerful engine.

In terms of performance, the R32, R33, and R34 all have their own strengths and weaknesses. The R32 is known for its all-wheel-drive system and turbocharged engine, which make it a formidable opponent on the track. The R33 is slightly larger and heavier than the R32, but still retains its all-wheel-drive system and powerful engine. The R34, with its updated technology and design, is the most powerful and fastest of the Skyline series.

The Nissan Skyline series is a staple of JDM car culture and has garnered a cult following around the world. The R32, R33, and R34 each have their own unique characteristics and design elements, and although the R34 is often considered the most desirable, each car has its own strengths and weaknesses in terms of performance. As a car enthusiast, my dream car is an R34 specced for Togue drift racing, but regardless of which model you prefer, the Skyline series is a true testament to Japanese engineering and design.


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