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The IDC Bears: Swaggy Beasts in Augmented Reality

Updated: May 26, 2023

The IDC Bears (I Don't Care Bears) are a sleuth (yes, a group of bears is called a sleuth) of ambivalent and swaggy beasts that embody a spirit of nonchalance. These bears exude an attitude of "c'est la vie," where nothing seems to faze them. Haters may hate, but the IDC Bear remains unfazed. In this blog post, we explore the fascinating world of the IDC Bears created by digital artist, animator, and NFT creator, Collie Pixels. With their augmented reality experiences, the IDC Bears have left their mark on festivals, galleries, street art, and now, they're making waves with their exciting apparel line and upcoming NFT collection drop.

The Augmented Reality Experience at High Ground Festival

One notable showcase of the IDC Bears' was the augmented reality experience that took place at the High Ground Festival, headlined by renowned artists Chromeo and TroyBoi. The festival-goers were immersed in the world of the IDC Bears through interactive and captivating AR installations. These experiences brought the bears to life, creating an unforgettable fusion of digital art and real-world engagement.

AR Street Art Across the World

The influence of the IDC Bears can be witnessed through their AR street art, which has made its way to various cities worldwide. From the vibrant streets of Miami to the artistic enclaves of Paris, and from the malecon of Playa del Carmen to the dazzling lights of Las Vegas, the IDC Bears have left their mark. Collie Pixels' creations have transformed ordinary walls into animated masterpieces, inviting passersby to engage with the ambivalent charm of the IDC Bears.

Meet Collie Pixels: The Creator Behind the IDC Bears

Collie Pixels is the visionary artist behind the IDC Bears. Based in the mountains of Colorado, Collie brings his digital art, animation, and NFT creations to life in his studio. With a growing reputation in the art world, Collie has exhibited his works in galleries, festivals, and street art locations across the globe.

Beyond the IDC Bears, Collie Pixels has collaborated with notable artists such as Britney Spears, Machine Gun Kelly, and Paris Hilton, further cementing his influence in the digital art landscape. Through his website ColliePixels.com and his Instagram handle @Collie_Pixels, he shares his unique creations and invites art enthusiasts to explore the captivating world of the IDC Bears and his other imaginative works.

Shop the Exclusive IDC Bears Apparel Line

Now, you can wear the swaggy and ambivalent spirit of the IDC Bears with pride. Check out the official IDC Bears apparel line, featuring stylish and high-quality merchandise that captures the essence of the IDC Bears' carefree attitude. Visit the IDC Bears Apparel Shop at TheBear Store and find the perfect apparel item to express your ambivalent and nonchalant vibe.

Exciting NFT Genesis Collection Drop Coming Soon

If you're a fan of the IDC Bears and the captivating world Collie Pixels has created, get ready for an upcoming NFT drop that will take the digital art world by storm. The IDC Bears NFT Genesis Collection is on its way, offering a unique opportunity to own a piece of digital art history. Be sure to stay tuned and keep an eye on https://idontcarebear.xyz for updates and exclusive access to the NFT drop. Join the IDC Bear Discord server for an even more up to date look into the Bear Den.

The IDC Bears, created by Collie Pixels, have captivated audiences with their ambivalent and swaggy persona. With their AR activations and augmented reality experiences, these bears have become a delightful intersection of art and technology. From festival installations to street art in various global cities, the IDC Bears continue to spread their nonchalant charm.

Collie Pixels, with his creative prowess and collaborations with renowned artists, has established himself as a leading figure in the digital art and NFT realm. The introduction of the IDC Bears apparel line and the highly anticipated NFT Genesis Collection drop only add to the excitement surrounding this captivating world. Join the IDC Bears movement, explore the apparel line at The Bear Store, and stay tuned for the exclusive NFT drop at https://idontcarebear.xyz/.

For more information and to explore Collie Pixels' captivating creations, visit ColliePixels.com and follow him on Instagram @Collie_Pixels.


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